Welcome to Med Data Quest!

Our vision is to transform medicine and healthcare using state-of-the-art data-mining, statistical computing and information technologies.

Our mission is to provide better clinical care and outcome while reducing cost by mining electronic medical record big data to provide evidence based decision support for clinicians in real time.

Our approach is to apply clinical natural language processing (cNLP), machine learning approaches and complex statistical models to extract new insights from electronic medical records (EMR) BIG DATA. With the rapid application of high-throughput technologies, we aim to address many unique challenges in the medical domain, offer more precise diagnostics, more effective treatment and personalized medication. Cost reduction is a natural “side effect” of our mission, and in the long run it will benefit everyone.

Decision Making, Reinvented

Information extracted from clinical big data could potentially offer clinical decision makers recommendations for better diagnostics and treatment. By investigating into a variety of medical history data, our decision support machine can rapidly generate risk predictors for patients from our analytical machines, and the results are provided to the doctors and patients in an easily to access way.